Sunday, September 27, 2009

MVC Storefront Collected Links

There are videos and posts out there about the MVC Storefront sample application for ASP.NET MVC 1.0, but they're scattered around a bit.

This list will mix the original posts from Rob Conery's blog, Weke Road, and the ASP.NET MVC video collection and some Rob's related posts.

  1. ASP.NET MVC: Introducing The MVC Storefront Series [video]
  2. ASP.NET MVC: MVC Storefront, Part 2 – Repository Pattern [video]
  3. ASP.NET MVC: MVC Storefront, Part 3 – Pipes and Filters [video]
  4. ASP.NET MVC: MVC Storefront, Part 4 – Linq To Sql Spike [video]
  5. ASP.NET MVC: MVC Storefront, Part 5 – Globalization [video]
  6. MVC Storefront, Part 6: Catalog Completion and Initial UI [video]
  7. MVC Storefront, Part 7: Helpers and Routing [video]
  8. MVC Storefront, Part 8: Testing Controllers, Iteration 1 [video]
  9. MVC Storefront, Part 9: The Shopping Cart [video]
  10. MVC Storefront, Part 10: Shopping Cart Refactoring and Membership [video]
    MVC Storefront: Brainbender Intermission
    MVC Storefront: Intermission’s Over, Made Some Changes
  11. MVC Storefront, Part 11: Hooking Up The Shopping Cart And Components [video]
  12. MVC Storefront, Part 12: Mocking [video]
  13. MVC Storefront: Dependency Injection [video]
  14. MVC Storefront Part 14: Ajax With Shawn Burke [video]
    ASP.NET MVC: Script Registration Helper
    ASP.NET MVC: List Helper Extension Method
  15. MVC Storefront, Part 15: Code Review With Ayende [video]
  16. MVC Storefront Part 16: Membership Redo With OpenID [video]
  17. MVC Storefront Part 17: Checkout With Jeff Atwood [video]
    ASP.NET MVC: Avoiding Tag Soup
    Lazy Loading With The LazyList
  18. MVC Storefront Part 18: Creating An Experience [video]
  19. MVC Storefront Part 19: Processing Orders With Windows Workflow [video]
  20. MVC Storefront Part 19a: Windows Workflow Followup
  21. MVC Storefront Part 20: Logging [video]
  22. MVC Storefront Part 21: Order Manager and Personalization [video]
  23. MVC Storefront Part 22: Restructuring, Rerouting, and PayPal [video]
  24. ASP.NET MVC Storefront Part 23: WebForms and Dynamic Data [no video]
    MVC Storefront Preview 1 Available
  25. (Episode 24 was cut)
  26. MVC Storefront Part 25: Getting Started With Domain-Driven Design [video]
  27. MVC Storefront Part 26: Finis [video]

The source code is out on Codeplex.