Thursday, October 8, 2009

Backup / Export Your Google Site

Judging from this thread, the inability to easily backup/export a Google Site has been a problem for awhile. Thankfully there's a tool on Google Code you can use to grab a local copy. The tool is pretty simple, but the documentation is not entirely clear. Here's what I did for my simple site, which is private:
  • Host:
  • Domain: [leave blank]
  • Webspace: [the last part of domain name path; if the domain name is, this value would be just mysite123]
  • Import/Export Revisions: [I left this unchecked]
  • Username: [my Google account, with at the end]
  • Password: [the obvious]
  • Choose Target Directory: [the obvious]
Here's Google's blog post that talks about the issue a bit more.