Thursday, March 1, 2007

Running Apps with Vista

I bought a new machine with Vista but, of course, I have a fair number of apps that I want to install on it. Here's a log.
  • ActivePerl seems to run fine
  • Eclipse ...
  • Java 5 EE displayed a compatibility error before the installer really even began it's work, so I stuck with the Java 6 SE SDK
  • IIS seems fine after I followed the instructions in this article.
  • MarkLogic Server ...
  • Office 2003 seems to run fine, though I don't use Outlook
  • Sam Spade ...
  • Subversion and TortiseSVN seem to run fine
  • Visual Studio.NET 2005 needs to run in compatibility mode and as an administrator
  • UltraEdit 8.10 needs to run in compatibility mode and as an administrator
  • Windows Updates
    • After running a truck-load of updates and restarting, a driver compatibility warning comes up and even throws a blue screen of death for the Sonic Solutions DLA. Roxio says it's Dell's problem because it's a Dell machine with an OEM version. Dell says it's Roxio's problem. In any case, Roxio has a solution for it which seems to work.
  • XMLSpy 2006 Home Edition seems to run fine, although it did try to call home after registering and while I started it up the first time
To switch to a compatibility mode and/or run as an administrator, do the following.
  • After install, right-click on the app icon, switch to the Compatibility tab
  • Check the compat. mode checkbox and switch the drop-down to Windows 2000 (or whatever is appropriate for you)
  • Check the run as admin checkbox
  • After this, you should be able to enter your authorization info.

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