Friday, December 21, 2007

Textml vs. MarkLogic, Part 2

I had a very good conversation yesterday with John Kreisa the Director of Product Marketing for Mark Logic where we talked about the differences between Textml and MarkLogic Server -- the issues I raised in a previous post, plus a few others. One of the other topics that I forgot to mention there and is a huge plus for MarkLogic is the ability to influence relevancy ranking.

The best part of this conversation was that John initiated it. Now, I know it's a minor detail, and maybe even a little silly, but it's nice to know that they're being so proactive. None of the features we talked about may ever be added to the product, but at least I know my voice was heard.

I'm most hopeful that they add a document-focused admin console to the product. So far, it's the one thing I really miss (well, at least since I was able to build my own query parser).

UPDATE: MarkLogic recently released a new, very powerful search library. If you're reading this, you have to check out lib-search.

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