Monday, June 23, 2008

Load an XML File from the File System into Textml with ASP.NET

I'm building an internal application that needs to load an XML file from the file system into a specific repository path in Textml Server. Here's the method I used within a ContentServer class I created.

The references to various this properties are set in the same class where I get the values from a configuration file for the staging and production servers.
public bool Publish(string fileUri)
ArrayList documents = new ArrayList(1);
IxiaClientServices IxiaCS = new IxiaClientServices();
IxiaServerServices IxiaSS = IxiaCS.ConnectServer(this.ContextServer);
IxiaDocBaseServices IxiaDS = IxiaSS.ConnectDocBase(this.ContextContainer);
IxiaDocumentServices ds = IxiaDS.DocumentServices;
IxiaDocument document = IxiaDocument.getInstance();
FileInfo file = new FileInfo(fileUri);

document.Name = file.Name;
document.MimeType = "text/xml";
document.Collection = this.ContextAdditionalName;
document.Content = IxiaDocument.MakeBinaryContent(file.FullName);

IxiaTextmlServerError [] err = ds.SetDocuments(documents,
(int)IxiaDocumentServices.TextmlSetDocuments.TextmlAddDocument |
(int)IxiaDocumentServices.TextmlSetDocuments.TextmlReplaceDocument |

// If there is more than one item, and that first item is
// not null or empty, return false.
if (err.Length > 1 && !String.IsNullOrEmpty(err[0].ToString()))
// TODO: Log each in the EventViewer
return false;
else return true;
catch (Exception ex)
// TODO: Log in the EventViewer
return false;

I need to do the same into MarkLogic so I'll post that snippet here as soon as it's done.

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