Sunday, January 18, 2009

Optimum WiFi on Metro-North's New Haven Line

I'm on the Metro-North New Haven line quite a bit these days. I thought having access to Optimum WiFi would be a boon, but that hasn't been the case. In nearly all cases, you have to be right on the platform of each station to get access, which is of little use on the train itself.

Here are some other general notes:
  • If you allow automatic connections, the network will connect by itself at each staion. I found it reconnected faster when I refreshed the network list.
  • You do not seem to need to login at each hotspot after you've logged in the first time.
  • The connection is not secure, so if you're not on a secured site, all the network traffic can be sniffed easily.
  • At most stations, I found I have just enough time to connect and do 1 Google search or refresh a page before the train starts moving and the signal cuts out.

Here are some comments on when you can connect at various stations:

  • Greens Farms, on the platform only.
  • Westport, on the platform only.
  • East Norwalk, on the platform only, but signal very poor.
  • South Norwalk, immediately approaching platform.
  • Rowayton, on the platform only.
  • Noroton Heights, on the platform only.
  • Stamford, immediately approaching platform, but then signal cuts out under the building.
  • Riverside, approaching platform and past it, but the signal is weak.
  • Greenwich, immediately approaching platform.

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