Tuesday, January 15, 2008

XQuery Support in MarkLogic Server

It's a buried a little deep, but here's how to find out which version of the XQuery spec your version of MarkLogic supports.

Got to http://developer.marklogic.com/ and find the documentation. Find the release notes. Find the section called "Compatibility with XQuery Drafts."

Here's the information for 3.2.
This release implements the XQuery language, functions and operators specified in the May 02, 2003 W3C XQuery Working Group Draft Recommendations:
Additionally, much of the added functionality in the January 2007 W3C XQuery Recommendation is implemented in MarkLogic Server 3.2.



great week

Dominic Mitchell said...

There are enough differences between MarkLogic's XQuery and XQuery 1.0 that it can be a pain to change between two products. I fully accept that cts:* and xdmp:* are extensions. But the “minor” details like define function vs declare function and the presence or absence of semicolons can really trip you up.

Mattio Valentino said...

I completely agree, Dominic. It's made learning XQuery challenging for me because I'm doing it only within the context of using MarkLogic. Even writing a simple function can take longer than it should because of this. I see an example of what I'm trying to do online or in a book or in the spec, I modify it, and it doesn't work. Is it because of syntax or something else?

I've been using cq and XMLSpy but I'm going to research Oxygen because I've heard it's better at debugging and may help.